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Albatrans S.p.A. is committed to continuous improvement in economic, social, environmental and ethical sustainability in its business development. In this sense, the company has developed a Model of Organisation and Control under ex Leg. Decree 231/01 and has proceeded to adopt an Ethics Code which defines the business principles and guidelines that employees and those who interact with the Company for various reasons are required to follow.

According to this logic, Albatrans S.p.A. considers that developing transparent relations with its suppliers and special attention to quality, safety, environmental protection and respect for trade agreements, laws and regulations constitute, in an increasingly complex and integrated business environment, is the fundamental premise for achieving better results and providing service to its customers increasingly in line with the demands of a global market. On the basis of the foregoing, Albatrans S.p.A. has therefore prepared the Ethics Clause which outlines the basic rules to be followed in relationship with suppliers.


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