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Navigation of the intricacies of the US Customs process is a demanding and often formidable task.
Albatrans Inc. is a licensed US Customs broker, experienced in all aspects of importing into the USA.
Our United States Customs Brokerage team offers customers over 200 years of experience in clearing all type of commodities efficiently and accurately.
C-TPAT certified and compliance oriented, we are committed to continuous training in all aspects of brokerage and governmental agency regulations.
From textiles and wine to chemicals and machinery, we can offer guidance and compliance expertise to effectively enter the commerce of the U.S.A.
Our brokerage personnel work 7 days a week to insure that your cargo is cleared quickly, and moves smoothly to its final destination.
You can choose to work locally with one of our regional offices throughout the country, or you can centralize all of your brokerage needs in one office through the RLF (remote location filing) process.
With either choice, you will have the benefit of experienced Albatrans personnel to guide and assist. We will tailor solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

Specialties include:

  • ISF Filing
  • ACH/PMS duty programs
  • AMS direct filer
  • Nationwide RLF filer
  • OGA agency expertise
  • FDA/Prior Notice specialists
  • Fish & Wildlife experts
  • Customized on line reports for all transactions
  • Nationwide delivery arrangements for all types of cargo
  • Gate entries for urgent samples